Closed tea rooms across wet street

Why order from the table?

It takes service staff more time to take an order from customers that can’t quite decide or remember all the details of the round they want to buy. The time taken has a knock on effect for service staff, possibly causing delays for others and ultimately affecting customer satisfaction. TeaRounder makes it easy for customers to submit all the right details first time. The improved efficiency of service staff is a major benefit of becoming a Participating Venue.

Consumers benefit from TeaRounder too. At-table-ordering helps a variety of scenarios where ordering at a bar might be awkward for someone, and could help mitigate not being able to catch staff attention. Eg:

  • Mobility issues from disability, old age, injury – people don’t have to walk or get special attention if they don’t want that or it’s not obvious. Some people don’t want a fuss, some people have hidden disabilities or non-obvious injuries or pains that they deal with.
  • People with poor short term memory
  • Having to watch kids, baby a laptop or perhaps a dog in a pub garden – a parent or dog owner visits a pub to meet up with people, gets there a while before their friends arrive, they want a drink while they wait, but they can’t go to the bar without risking waking the baby, bringing the dog indoors or simply leaving them unattended at the table.
  • Big groups where there are a lot of drinks to remember
  • Slightly awkward orders, where there are options like ice or lemon that bar staff might ask, that the person ordering on the behalf of a friend possibly wouldn’t know the answer to. This is why TeaRounder anywhere has options beyond the actual drink (though some options, such as milk and sugar amounts are geared towards office or home tea rounds)
  • For those wanting to carry out Social distancing.

Try it out now

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