Trade re-ordering app

If you sell to Tea Rooms or Cafes or pubs then you’ll want their buyers to have your re-ordering app on their mobiles so they can easily reorder fast moving trade packs or consumables. The app remembers what they have previously ordered, making it quick to reorder without browsing around a busy site. We can set this up to collect payment at time of order, accept cash on delivery or just let you invoice off line. Your company logo will be on the app on the buyers mobile.

Please get in contact to have this demonstrated to you.

For visitors that are in one of our demonstrations right now.

If you are in a demo with us we’ll show you, on our demonstration site, how we have a couple of demonstration Trade products that are not visible to a consumer looking at, or buying consumer products. However the Trade products can be seen by the B2B re-ordering app. If you are online in a demo with us at them moment we’ll start here – look :