How to use TeaRounder in a participating venue

You can use the TeaRounder App to set up rounds in any Tea Room, Cafe or Pub. However at a Participating Venue you can you progress the round further by ordering or paying* using the app.

You and your friends enter a Pub, Tea Room or cafe and scan a QR code on the table. You can see the menu of drinks straightaway. We recommend installing the TeaRounder App to order, but you can do it from the page.

Participating Venues (Tea Rooms, cafes or pubs) might take payment up front or might allow a tab. We configure this to suit the Participating Venue’s business rules. Either way, serving staff receive your order via a web based control panel.

In a Participating Venue, TeaRounder puts the order on a screen in front of Food Preparation Staff so they can get on with serving customers. Participating Venues can use this to accept orders from customers that haven’t yet arrived at the venue. This way customers who are still travelling and expecting to arrive in the near future can order ahead.

Any customer with the TeaRounder App installed on their mobile no longer needs a QR code on the table.

Get paid and prepare drinks before the customer arrives

A customer with TeaRounder can get another round of drinks without having to remember what everyone ordered the first time. TeaRounder remembers friends and families drinks on your mobile so you have the right information to create the round without asking for all the details again. Of course should someone want a different drink (or maybe just a different size) you can edit the drinks in the round before you progress it to an order.

TeaRounder makes it really simple to get a round in quickly, and accurately.

Privacy designed in

When placing an order though the TeaRounder App, the ordered drinks, bill payers name, address*, table number* and phone* is passed to Participating Venue website (*optional depending on the venue). Only this data is accessible to the owner of the Tea Room, Cafe or Pub. Names of your friends and family are stored in your mobile’s memory – they are not passed to the Participating Venue website.