Use the TeaRounder app to set up a round of drinks for a group of friends or family. Use TeaRounder anywhere, especially at outdoor festivals where your friends are a distance from the bar, or the drink order is quite detailed. In a participating venue you can even order from the table, maybe skipping the queue if its busy. TeaRounder really helps when the time comes to get another round, because you have everyone’s drink preferences already in the app.

TeaRounder at participating venues

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You and your friends enter a Tea Room, cafe or Pub and scan a QR code on the table. You can see the menu of drinks straightaway. We recommend installing the TeaRounder App to place an order, but you can do it from the page.

Another round of drinks?

Shall we have another drink?

Get more drinks without having to remember what everyone ordered the first time. The TeaRounder app on your mobile stores your friends and families drink choices so you don’t have to ask for the detail again. You can edit the drinks in the round.

TeaRounder at any venue or outdoor event

Use TeaRounder at festivals, outdoor events or any venue, even ones that aren’t participating. It could be a bit of a walk to the counter and service staff from your group. Normally you might forget the details for a big group but with TeaRounder you’ll always have an accurate list when you are at the counter. You don’t even need Internet connectivity at non-participating venues.

Benefits for Venue Owners and managers

Tea Shops benefit by becoming a Participating Venue for the Tearounder app

Why use an app to order drinks instead of going to the bar or counter?

If your customers have the option of ordering from their mobile, there is reduced friction with ordering.

There are other reasons including time savings for staff during the order taking process.

For suppliers and manufacturers

Supply chain issues are affecting Buying Managers in Tea Shops, Cafes and Pubs. You can make it easy to re-order your products quickly from their mobile using your very own re-ordering App.

Make your supply chain super efficient with a brandable Trade re-ordering app